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Passenger Services

ACMI and CMI. We can provide whichever suits you best.

Whether you need ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) or just CMI (Crew, Maintenance and Insurance), Atlas Air is able to meet and exceed your passenger charter needs.

ACMI: Expand your reach. Limit your exposure.

Our ACMI leasing options provide access to the most efficient passenger assets without the investment of ownership. Since becoming an ACMI operator in 2010, Atlas Air has become the world’s largest ACMI provider. An Atlas Air ACMI contract puts at your disposal a fully dedicated aircraft that is superbly crewed, maintained, and insured. The global systems, scale, and efficiencies our infrastructure provides expertly meet your passenger charter needs.

CMI: Options for ramping up operations quickly

Our CMI leasing options enable you to focus on your business and quickly ramp up operations. With an Atlas Air CMI lease, you benefit from our highly trained flight crews and centralized crew resources and coordination; our depth of experience with Boeing; our global maintenance presence; and our 24-hour system operations and dispatch. With our outstanding record of on-time performance, we’ll help you to consistently meet your customer’s expectations.

ACMI and CMI explained

Aircraft: The most modern fleet flying

  • Our fleet of 747-400s and 767s are the most versatile and technologically advanced
    freighters in the air.

Crew: Top-flight pilots and attendants

  • All our pilots are trained at the Atlas Air facility in Miami—the same facility that is the exclusive provider of training for the pilots of the U.S. President’s Air Force One.
  • Our world-class in-flight service is provided by highly experienced, multilingual flight attendants selected for their customer service skills and attention to detail.

Maintenance: Around the clock, around the world

  • Atlas Air’s strategically located maintenance bases provide global coverage and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Our focus on preventive maintenance, efficient supplier management, and superior sourcing of parts helps assure superior safety and reliability.

Insurance: Coverage for protection and peace of mind

  • We offer comprehensive plans to meet all your coverage needs.
  • Global economies of scale will help give you the most reasonable rates.

Fly With Atlas Air

One of our ACMI and CMI experts is ready to help you plan your next flight. Learn more about the Atlas Air experience by contacting us today.