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Cargo Services

CMI: Options for ramping up operations quickly

We focus on Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. You focus on your business.

In keeping with our legacy of providing industry-leading outsourcing solutions, Atlas Air offers CMI (Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance) services to those companies looking to ramp up operations quickly and cost effectively. Through our highly trained flight crews, depth of experience with Boeing, global maintenance organization, and large-scale multiple operating platforms, a CMI lease eliminates the time-consuming tasks associated with hiring and training crew and managing maintenance. And with our outstanding record of on-time performance, we help you consistently and reliably meet your customer needs and expectations.

Benefits of a CMI lease with Atlas Air include:
  • Reduced unit operating costs
  • Faster response to market opportunities through the ability to ramp up resources quickly
  • Insurance rates, thanks to our scale of operation
  • Greater efficiencies and reliability through our global maintenance presence and our centralized crew resources, scheduling, and coordination
  • Central 24-hour system operations and dispatch

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