Soaring into the Future: Our Boeing 747-8F

Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings is committed to investing in the latest freighter technology, and we’re proud to offer Atlas Air customers the new Boeing 747-8 freighter beginning in 2010 – the largest and most-efficient heavy freighter in the market.

With greater payload, more-efficient and cleaner-burning engines, less noise – and the lowest operating cost per tonne-mile in the marketplace – our 12 new 747-8Fs offer unprecedented value for our customers:

  • 140 tonnes of payload
  • 1,000 nm more range
  • 16% more revenue-cargo volume
  • 15% lower tonne-mile costs
  • 16% reduction in carbon emissions
  • 16% more fuel efficient
*Compared to 747-400F (Source: Boeing)

Atlas Air is the only ACMI operator with this new freighter on order, with deliveries expected to begin in 2010. We also hold rights to purchase up to 14 additional 747-8Fs, providing the flexibility to expand our fleet in response to market conditions.

When delivered, these aircraft will expand our capacity by 35% (measured in available tonne kilometers) compared with 2007, maintaining our industry-leading position for the foreseeable future.

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