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Military Charters and Humanitarian Missions
Atlas Air has been the largest provider of commercial airlift in the wide-body cargo segment for the United States Air Mobility Command for the last seven years. The Air Mobility Command continues to depend on Atlas Air’s flexibility to provide essential airlift to the men and women defending our nation and its interests around the globe. Atlas Air has a proven track record of meeting the stringent reliability standards set by the Air Mobility Command while providing aircraft capacity at peak levels of demand and on very short notice.

We are very proud to be one of the key providers of airlift that support the global war on terror and needs of our troops around the world. In addition to providing world class airlift support, Atlas Air trains some of the Air Force's most elite aircrews, such as the pilots and flight engineers of Air Force One who support the President of the United States and the flight crew members assigned to the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center.

In addition to providing the U.S. military with highly reliable cargo lift, Atlas Air also provides critical airlift to several of the European Union’s Ministries of Defense as well as to Non-Governmental Organizations such as the United Nations World Food Program and the World Health Organization. In times of need, these organizations call on Atlas Air to deliver life-saving humanitarian supplies and aid to disaster zones around the world.

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